26 Feb 2017

Laparoscopic APR

75 year old lady diagnosed to have Carcinoma lower rectup
Upfront surgery was done Laparoscopic APR

25 Feb 2017

Cystogastrostomy (minilap)

21 year old male operated through small incision
Transgastric pseudocyst drainage with cystogastrostomy

20 Feb 2017

Radiation Enteritis

64 years old male operated Lap APR 2 years back for CA Rectum
Received radiation post operatively
He had repeated attacks of Intestinal Obstruction after 18 months
Admitted 4 times in last 6 months for same
Presented with perforation peritonitis and operated again
Findings severe radiation enteritis with terminal ileal perforation
Adhesiolysis with resection of terminal ileal segment
Permanent colostomy kept in situ & double barrel ileal stoma made

17 Feb 2017

Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Necrosectomy

32 year old male with ethanol induced acute necrotising pancreatitits
Had severe attack with multiorgan failure
ICU stay was more then 30 days with ventilatory support
Received broad spectrum antibiotcs, pigtail, tracheostomy
With all efforts from Gastroenterologist and Intencivist recovered
Operated for infective extensive pancreatic necrosis on day 38
Laparoscopic retroperitoneal approach was taken
Thorough necrosectomy and lavage done from right side
Diverting loop ileostomy made
Postoperative ICU stay was 4 days recovery was slow and steady
Discharged with all drains in situ

16 Feb 2017

Whipple's Pancreaticodudenectomy

48 year old male patient presented with obstructed jaundice
Preoperative bilirubin level 7.9 without cholangitis
Operated for Whipple's Pancreaticodudenectomy
He had replaced hepatic artery with chronic pancreatitis
Dissected neatly and vessel safeguarded
Reconstruction done of with duct to mucosa (PJ duct 5 mm)
Recovered uneventfully, ICU stay 2 days, Hospital stay 6 days

9 Feb 2017

Right extended hemicolectomy

Case of Right extended hemicolectomy for Adenocarcionoma (pT3N0)
Extensive desmoplasia because of growth which lead to dense
adherence with SMV
R0 resection achieved safely preserving SMV and SMA without injury.
Patient recovered uneventfully

4 Feb 2017

Laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy

20 year old male diagnosed for left lobe lesion
Provisional diagnosis of biliary cystadenoma
Operated for laparoscopic resection
HPE suggestive of left sided caroli's disease