30 Aug 2017

Angioembolization of Small bowel bleed

Patient with small bowel bleed underwent angioembolization
Post procedure patient had severe pain and septic signs
Emergency exploration and resection anastomosis done

28 Aug 2017

Radical cholecystectomy

Radical cholecystectomy was done for carcinoma of the gall bladder.
Resection of segment 4B and 5 along with lymph node dissection.

24 Aug 2017

Pancreatic Necrosectomy

Mini incision (mini-laparotomy) for infective pancreatic necrosis
Small vertical midline incision and trans-gastric approach
Patient discharged on post op day 2

16 Aug 2017


Open Esophagectomy for carcinoma of mid esophagus
Mckeown three field esophagectomy with the stomach tube.

12 Aug 2017


Considerably western world disease but with the changing era and food culture in India
The problem in Indian subcontinent is increasing as well.
Relatively silent but can be a cumbersome with infection.
Constipation and low fibers in diet are responsible factors.
Simple measures like change in diet habit can avoid major issues of diverticular disease

4 Aug 2017

Completion Lap Chole

Patient underwent open partial chole
Had biliary pancreatitis later
Operates Laparoscopically